Founded by an Artist for Artists

Their Story, Their Vision

Representing Independent Fashion Creatives Hair Makeup Photography

A note from the founder

Throughout my career I had the fortune to work with some truly amazing agents. I like to take this occasion to thank Garren, Orlando Pita, Ali Bird and Spencer Spaulding.

It is because of them that I reached the pinnacle of the Fashion & Celebrities Industry. They believed in my capacity as a freelancer hairstylist and trusted my vision. Sincerely grateful!

As I begin my journey into Artists representation, having found the perfect partner and with the extensive experience I have garnered in this field, I’m now ready to commence this new chapter with great confidence.

Welcome to Verve Artists

A unique collective of International Fashion Creatives in the fields of Hairstyling, Makeup Artistry and Photography.

Verve is an Agency that focus primarily on the artists creative growth.

Ultimately, it’s the artist ability and creative alchemy to absorb, interpret the client vision, brand formula and expectations to turn it into reality.

The artists represented by Verve are modern progressive thinkers, knowledgeable and intellectually experienced in the history of Fashion, Beauty, Art, Design and Digital. They are deeply engaged projecting onto the future of fashion.

Now more than ever the need for Modern Aesthetic is in high demand. Their collective passion & love for the fashion industry in every level is indisputable.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with choices, to inspire them, to guide them. To advise them in their quest to be first to look truly unique for their individual brand and market space.

We create a beautiful world.