Umberto Gorra

"There are two rules in Life:
1. Never quit.
2. Never forget rule n° 1." - Duke Ellington

Umberto Gorra

Born in Italy in 1991 under the sign of Leo.

Ever since he was a child, he enjoyed the pleasure of staring at all kinds of objects, trying to figure it out how they were made and how to make them far more interesting.

The uneventful years of adolescence in Junior and High School, he always had the bigger questions of a young artist. The passion for arts and beauty grew stronger and he decided to join the Artistic Institute for Architecture & Interior Design.

It is during this time of discovery that he became aware of Art Photography.

In the spur of the moment he decided to join a Photography Competition, with very little basic equipment and just a simple compact digital camera in hand, he ended up winning the contest with a Still Life Photo.

The photo he produced made it into a gallery exhibition in Turin. Enthuse by the early success, he realized that photography was his passion.

For the following 3 years he studied fulltime Photography Lighting & Camera Obscura for Fashion, he graduated with full honor on Nov, 2014.

Milan, fashion capital of Italy, was the next phase and residence.

He immediately landed a job as a BTS Street Style photographer for Elle Runway, covering all the major Fashion Week shows Worldwide for the following 6 months.

An experience that forged his passion, surrounded by the very core of the fashion industry most renowned artists of all levels.

In 2018 he opens his very own studio, free from any restrictions, allowing him the necessary space to explore his creativity and to develop his personal style, important projects and self-awareness.

He began to travel to Paris & London to collaborate closely with prominent figures of Europe finest creators of the fashion industry, continually developing the eye and keeping a closer view on local trends.

Shortly thereafter some of the major Fashion Designer brands in Milano like Dolce & Gabbana, Patrizia Pepe, John Richmond and publications such as L’Officiel, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan became aware of this new young fresh talent and started to invest in his modern vision.

Currently, Umberto is still looking at objects and projects the same way he did when he was a child, still wondering how to make it more interesting, more peculiar, more profound, just so.